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Shopping Complex Security

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Shopping Complex Security

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Shopping Complex Security

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QSS: Specialised Security Brisbane Solutions for Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are a unique, complex environment that require specialist security services capable of responding to a wide range of requirements, from providing asset protection and acting as deterrents to managing crisis situations including evacuations.

As a result, QSS offers highly trained, specialist security teams to supply shopping centre security solutions. Our services work – we have effectively eliminated risks, minimised loss and fostered an environment of safety and security.

Our handpicked staff – whether mobile patrols, onsite static guards, in teams of anything from two to ten staff, sometimes even including canine security solutions – know how to provide exceptional customer service. Their unobtrusive presence puts customers at ease.

QSS offers many years of experience and quality management providing guards and canine solutions to some of Australia’s largest retail complexes, and capably assist centres of every size.

We work with centre management and retailers to accommodate site-specific policies, OHS requirements and protocols. As with every security contract, we appoint a team to work closely with our clients to develop a unique security program and services tailored to their needs.