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Brisbane Dog Security Experts

Security Guards Queensland specialise in dog security and canine patrols in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
Our Brisbane security dogs and expert trainers have developed a reputation for offering industry leading dog security solutions from expert breeding, training and canine maintenance programs. Our dog security teams, including guard and dog services, form a formidable security option for event protection, party security, crowd control security, loss prevention, asset protection, mobile and static security patrols.

Canine Security Training On The Gold Coast

We strongly believe that using a correctly trained security dog allows us to achieve the best possible results and meet customer expectations. In Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we import, breed and train the highest quality working Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. These masterful dogs have heightened senses, indicating human odour and they apply their incredible instincts when supporting our guards to secure any work site.

It is almost impossible to hide from a well-trained security guard and dog team. We insist on the highest quality standards from our Brisbane security dogs and guards team. Security Guards Queensland has an extensive record of achievement in the canine industry, and our current clients rely on our Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast security dogs to guard and protect residential, commercial and industrial premises and estates.

Brisbane and Gold Coast patrol guard and dog security teams are commonly used for:

Event and functions
Industrial complexes
Transport facilities
Commercial sites
Construction areas
Car parks
Retirement Villages
Sporting events

The need for canine patrols and guard dog security in Schools has increased over the last few years but we have seen a decrease in industrial plant and mining site security enquiries. Our team is associated with industry leaders to ensure we continually improve our canine security and management processes and offer our clients the best services available.

We breed Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Dogs “Van Rakker Dutch Shepherds” and we are currently developing a breeding program to ensure a constant flow of quality imported security dogs into the Australian market.