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Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security In Brisbane

Construction site thefts in Brisbane and along the Gold Coast are becoming more and more common. We understand that as a business owner, CEO or site manager you are accountable for site equipment, workplace safety, property and land 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a huge responsibility and with crimes such as theft, vandalism and unlawful entry on the rise, you need help and solid advice. Security guards Queensland lead the way in construction site security, mining security and plant security.

Construction Site Security Guards Brisbane

When you hire our Brisbane security guards you will not need to worry about replacing machinery, equipment, and other industrial products that are consistently targeted by criminals across Queensland. Hiring our team will provide you and your employees with peace of mind before, during and after work shifts. Security guards and patrol dogs are easily affordable and cost effective in 2016-17 and thieves are much less likely to target an industrial or construction site with a visible security guard on your business premises around the clock. Guards and canine patrol teams are ideal for larger industrial areas because trained security dogs can cover more ground in a short space of time. They can out run intruders and with warning signs around the perimeter they act as the perfect deterrent on all work sites. Our experienced professionals will patrol the entire work site and prevent thefts and acts of vandalism before they occur.

Construction sites are a prime targets for professional and opportunistic thieves. Company work vehicles, heavy duty site equipment, industrial machinery and tools usually have some value but stealing them and selling them on requires more effort then the theft of some other popular building materials. Most metals found on construction sites in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, especially Copper (and copper wiring) has increased in value over the last few years. Some scrap metal merchants turn a blind eye to thieves offloading stolen goods on a regular basis as scrap metal is difficult to trace. This led to copper wiring becoming a particular favourite of criminals targeting industrial and commercial businesses in rural areas across Queensland.

The only reliable and proven security strategy to choose, if you want to ensure complete security, is to hire Brisbane’s and the Gold Coast’s best and most trusted security guards from QSS. With so many long term clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan our presence alone will deter thieves from even attempting to steal your building materials, copper wiring and other valuable assets.

Metal Type Scrap Metal Prices Australia
Copper $4.00 to $6.00 per Kilo
Mixed Copper $5.00 to $7.00 per Kilo
Copper Wire $1.50 to $2.00 per Kilo
Aluminium $0.20 to $1.50 per Kilo

The cost of copper and aluminium varies but with so many Australians out of work and the scrap metal dealers willing to pay cash with no questions asked, the cost of hiring our security officers can pay for itself within a short period of time.

Construction Site Security

Mine Security Gold Coast To Brisbane

Security Guards Queensland provide fully trained and qualified mine site security personnel with or without canine. Our security officers are experienced in all mining operations including:

Site patrol
After hours site patrol
Emergency response
Protest activity
Site access compliance
Visitor, staff and contractor inductions
Unauthorised access
Theft, both internal and external

Plant Security and Industrial Site Protection In Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan And The Gold Coast

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast security teams are Queensland’s trusted suppliers of quality security solutions to plant, construction and industrial companies. We understand the unique nature of working on active and high risk sites, and work closely with every client to establish and implement customised procedures tailored to each site.

We prepare work procedures, task sheets and risk registers for each site and client, incorporating our extensive knowledge of each industry. Working collaboratively with staff, management and stakeholders at all levels; we develop the safest, most effective security solution.

QSS will even recruit specialists or local employees to better assist our industry and construction clients, taking into account issues such as accessibility and risk for each site.

We adhere to best practice occupational health and safety regulations, and take the time to develop an in-depth understanding of the environmental plan, safe work method statements and safety policies applicable to each site.