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Case Study – Logan City Council

Logan City Council covers 68 suburbs spread over 957 square kilometres. 70% of the city is rural, semi-rural or land for conservation. It also has 2,633 hectares of wetlands and 2,177 kilometres of waterways, adding to the complexity of providing security services for...

Benefits of Security Guards for Enhanced Safety and Trust

Let's say you have the tickets to the upcoming Coldplay concert. Or maybe you're attending the Christmas market in the city centre. Either way, you'll feel more secure if you see a security guard around.  Having a security guard on the premises will also help you...

Why QSS Security Guards Is Your #1 Security Company

Security is one of the most integral aspects of any large-scale event or establishment, whether it's a music festival, school, shopping complex, or sports event. People want to feel safe at these places to enjoy to their fullest. As organisers or owners, it's your job...