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Leading Provider of Quality Security Solutions in Queensland

Our clients demand quality, and we deliver it. That’s why QSS is a leading provider of security solutions across Queensland. Our security guards, onsite security, protection, crowd control services, private security provision and dog security are supported by robust, well-established quality systems that are closely monitored. This ensures that every client receives the highest quality security services provided by fully trained security professionals.

When your company, organisation, party, event or school needs to hire security personnel, you can be assured that QSS will deliver excellent results you can trust.

We work closely with each client to establish a comprehensive understanding of your needs, working collaborative to develop detailed Standard Operation Procedures, reporting practices, operational protocols and WHS&E compliance standards. As a result, QSS have a proven track record in security, CCTV monitoring, static patrols, independent third party audit and operational assistance.

Our diverse service offering is complemented by a best practice integrated quality management system.

Our integrated quality management system has been developed in accordance with industry best practice and supports the delivery of a safe and quality service to all clients. The QSS management system consists of:

Reporting systems – each security professional is trained in effective reporting, issued with customised response books and incident forms, and prepares accurate documentation. This documentation offers clients insight into daily operations, documents incidents, and offers clients a clear cost benefit analysis to determine the value of prevention security services to their business.
Effective scheduling – all scheduling, rostering and contingency planning is managed by a centralised system, operated by staff at our corporate office. This centralised process ensures that all eventualities are considered and absent staff are quickly replaced to minimise service interruptions.
Transparency – QSS offers a unique business model that ensures our activity is fully transparent to our clients. We achieve this through a sophisticated GPS tracking system that allows us to monitor our staff and their activities at all times, promoting safety and performance. This management tool assists QSS in assigning security personnel onsite throughout Queensland, and offers full disclosure to our clients to allow them to track activities occurring at their business.