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Why QSS Security Guards Is Your #1 Security Company

Security is one of the most integral aspects of any large-scale event or establishment, whether it’s a music festival, school, shopping complex, or sports event.

People want to feel safe at these places to enjoy to their fullest. As organisers or owners, it’s your job to ensure they do.

But you won’t be patrolling the premises yourself, would you? That’s where QSS comes in as your dedicated security Brisbane company.

Now, you might wonder: why QSS when plenty of security companies are out there? Here are 5 reasons QSS is the best among all!

5 Reasons QSS Should Be Your Pick for Security Brisbane

Essentially, you need three things from a security company: reliability, quality, and availability.

QSS fits the bill.

Wide Range of Security Services

When you choose QSS as your security Brisbane company, you won’t have to look elsewhere for additional services. Do you want to secure your construction site? Or maybe it’s an outdoor event or a party. We secure it all. As for establishments, we provide security services for mines, shopping complexes, and schools. Our services range from security patrols and gatehouse duties to security dogs and loss prevention.

Licensed and Accredited

We take your security very seriously. Hence, our security professionals are accredited and licensed by the government. Even our security dogs are highly trained. In fact, we’re among the few Australian security companies that provide in-house training for canine handlers. We are also associated with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) to ensure consistent training for our security teams. The training modules include environmental control, government regulations, general procedures, and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety).

Quality Security Services

QSS doesn’t merely claim to be a reliable security Brisbane company; we live up to it. We’ve developed a quality management system that ensures our services meet the highest standards. Our operational protocols and reporting practices are tailored to each client’s individual needs. These procedures tie in with the QSS management system, which contains: ● Scheduling and Planning: Our planning and scheduling take place in a centralised platform, allowing swift coordination and minimal service disruption. ● Reporting System: Our security professionals are trained to report per a specific protocol. They prepare incident forms and response books, which are then submitted to our QSS system. These reports undergo thorough analysis by our team. The clients also have access to this documentation, giving them an insight into the cost-benefit aspect of security services. ● GPS Tracking: We monitor our staff through a GPS tracking system. It helps us track their exact location and assist them onsite. Such transparency also gives clients full disclosure of the services provided.

Proven Track Record

To date, we have secured 1,600 events and protected over 2,000 clients. Our clients’ testimonials are a testament to our exceptional quality of service.

Continuous Improvement

We don’t believe in a ”do once and forget” mentality. Instead, we invest in continuous training to maintain our high standards. Our security professionals undergo regular workshops and training. We also update our technology and equipment to stay ahead of any potential threats.

Amp Up Your Security Brisbane Got a public event coming up? Or do you simply want to secure your businesses? QSS should be your go-to. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our security Brisbane services.